Honestly, I have completely lost track of my days and time, but I DO know it’s time to play Ketchup with Mel and Michele. You can play too! Just visit their respective blogs on the 1st and 15th of every month and either link up ANY (yes I said any) blog post or you can set a timer and write whatever comes to mind for 10 minutes. Easy peazy! So, even though I am still recovering from vacation, I decided to do the 10 minute brain drain. Timer set…and…GO!



I survived my Disney trip with my 4 year old! Actually, I’m really proud of her. She was awesome during the 7 hour drive down to Anaheim, even with only taking an hour nap in the car. She listened A LOT better compared to the last trip we went on and she wanted to go on more rides than before. The only issue we had down there was the unbearable heat wave that decided to accompany us on our trip. I think it was close to 110 degrees the last day we were there. Thankfully the Santa Ana winds were blowing through, but still even with that it was like sticking a fan in front of an oven. What made this all the more fun was that a majority of the air conditioned rides were closed. Oh Small World, even though your song gets stuck in my head for weeks, I missed you greatly. 

My baby girl even went on some big kid rides! She didn’t attempt Splash Mountain or The Matterhorn, which are the rides that she originally was looking forward to (they were a little intimidating once she got close to them), but she did go on Big Thunder Mountain, Radiator Spring Racers and Goofy’s Sky School.


She loved them all, but hung onto my arm tightly through the duration of each ride. For a 4 year old, I think that’s pretty good. We also tried to meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen, but after getting to the line 5 minutes AFTER the park opened and being told it was a 4.5 hour wait (yes, I said 4 1/2 hours) we convinced her it would be more fun to spend half the day going on rides than waiting in line. She did get to see Olaf dreaming of summer, however.


Then, of course, she had to meet the princesses. We went to Ariel’s Grotto for lunch so she could do this. Just a bit of advice, it is better to stand in line and wait to meet the princesses than do this dining experience. The food was extremely expensive and even though the princesses did come to your table, a majority spent less than 5 minutes with you. The only princess that really took her time with Em and had a conversation with her was Belle. She helped Belle decide what to dress up as for the Beast’s costume party. Super cute!


Even with the horrible heat, crowded lines (which is to be expected) and a few meltdowns, it was fun! Em is already asking when she can go back. She is a Disney child, just like her mama! 🙂