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The terrible 2’s, the name pretty much says it. Tiresome 3’s, yeah, I would say that’s about right. But 4? No one said anything about 4! Why would they do that to a non-suspecting new comer? A girl needs a warning, doesn’t she? So, for new parents out there that are on the brink of a 4 year old, let me give you this new saying to remember. The Forget Your Natural Hair Color 4’s. Yep, there is a reason why my blog is titled “The Graying Chronicles”. In all honesty, I figure this is a preparation for the dreaded teenage years (which I’m pretty sure there will be not one brown hair left on this head). Here are 4 reasons why there are similarities between a 4 year old and a teenager.

1. Random Meltdowns

Each has their own ticking time bomb inside, that explodes at the most random moments about the most random things. For example:

4 Year Old: Has a meltdown at Target because you won’t buy her Goldfish crackers at the checkout counter. Even though you will be home in 15 minutes to eat lunch. (Yes, this is exactly what I experienced TODAY!)

Teenager: Has a meltdown because you walked into their room (private sanctuary) to drop off their laundry.

2. Attitude

We ALL know that teenagers are known for their attitudes at that age, but a 4 year old? If they are anything like my daughter, yes…yes they do have an attitude. For example:

4 Year Old: When you tell them that they HAVE to eat their vegetables and their response is, “No I don’t because I’m big enough to decide what I want to eat on my own and vegetables are a NO.”

Teenager: Do I really need to write an example for this one? We’ve all experienced a teenager’s attitude, whether it be your own kid, a neighbor’s kid, niece or nephew, or some random kid in a store.

3. They Think They Are Smarter Than You

That look…yeah, you know that look. The one that basically says, “You are stupid!” It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? 

4 Year Old: When they ask you a question and you provide them with an answer, but that answer isn’t to their liking and they come up with their own answer to which you explain your answer, which is the correct answer, and again you get THEIR explanation as to why you are wrong and they are right, even though they asked you the question in the first place.

Teenager: When anything you say is pretty much a wrong answer and all their answers are the correct ones because, let’s face it, you are OLD.

4. They’ve Suddenly Become Their Own Entity

Everyone goes through stages in life. A four year old and a teenager are no different. 

4 Year Old: Suddenly they have a newly discovered independence. They want to pick out their own clothes, even though it doesn’t match. They want to do what the bigger kids do and actually attempt it. You come to the realization that they are no longer a baby, or even a toddler for that matter, they have become a kid. And now you feel old.

Teenager: They want their independence. They no longer need you right by their side every step of the way. They are no longer a kid, but turning into a young adult. Which makes you feel even older.


Like I said before, I like to think of this whole 4 year old thing as a mini prep for the years to come. I mean, seriously, boys are already chasing her (One even kissed her on the last day of school! You can imagine how daddy felt about that!). She’s changing ever so quickly and that, to this mom, is terrifying. I’m not quite ready. Too bad they can’t stay little a little longer.