My girl is a true force to be reckoned with. She came in to this world with a boisterous personality. I remember the nurse’s remark as Em screamed for the first time, “Oh my goodness! She’s a loud one!” Nothing could be truer said, and that personality has stuck with her. She is such the complete opposite of what I was like as a child (or even now); one reason why I feel so defeated sometimes when trying to parent her. She is stubborn, like bull! She’s also like a bull in a china shop. If it can be knocked over, it will be and the more expensive the better! I truly do look up to this little person though, and here’s why.


1. She LOVES to have her picture taken; especially selfies!


This little 4 year old is the princess of selfies. I find so many pics of her, that she has taken herself, on my phone it’s ridiculous. She has gotten tired of me taking pictures of her, but she has no problem doing it herself. I can’t stand my picture taken, but I do it with her to humor her. She loves it and I like making her happy.

2. She has NO problem showing her “dark” side.


If Darth Vader was here he would probably say that the “Dark side is strong with this one.” For a 4 year old, man does she have some attitude going on. Like I said before in a previous post (that you can read here) it’s like I have a teenager sometimes. She doesn’t have a problem voicing her opinions and she has NO problem insisting that she is right ALL of the time.

3. She is very kind when it comes to littler ones; she’s a little mama.


If you have a child under her age, I can guarantee you that she will befriend your child and instantly take over “Mom” duties. She is ALL about the little kids, especially babies and children under the age of 2. She’s still a little rough, but that’s to be expected with a kid. She will make a great big sis someday.

4. She is a mini comedian.


This kid can crack me up like no other. She is hilarious! She also LOVES to make people laugh! She is such a little nut.

5. She has a big, outgoing personality.


She will talk to anyone and everyone! She strikes up conversations with children and adults. What’s funny is that if the child doesn’t want to talk to her she will immediately chat it up with the parent. The downside of all this is that she doesn’t understand “stranger danger”. It’s something my husband and I have to talk to her about constantly. 

6. She’s not afraid to get dirty.


At first, I truly thought she was going to be a girly girl (like me), but she totally isn’t. She loves getting into nature and getting dirty. She loves finding different animals and bugs. She’s not afraid to get in there and try to catch them. So not like her mommy!

7. She LOVES her entire family, unconditionally.


Growing up, I really only spent quality time with my mom’s side of the family. My dad’s side never came around and we would only see them Christmas Eve. She’s lucky to have both sides of the family lover her so much and she wants to spend time with each side equally. To me, this is such a blessing. It’s important for a child to know they are loved, and this kid is LOVED by so many people (including aunts and uncles that are just friends, but are like family).


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