I talk about my daughter a lot on here, but to be completely honest, she’s the one that got me writing again. She inspires me every single day. The imagination on her is vast and she never ceases to amaze me at some of the things she says. So since it is Blog Posts By Numbers Month, presented by Mel and Michele, I thought I would take this opportunity to compile a short list of quotes from my daughter.

1. “Look! I can sound like a motor boat!” (immediately farts in the swimming pool)

2. If I get a sibling and it’s a baby” (because I guess you can have choices in this matter) “it’s probably going to whine and whine and whine and it’s going to get really annoying. So I might have to put it in the closet.” (I will be watching her closely if I ever have another child.)

3. “Joshua tried to kiss me today. I told him that he needed to go away.” (That’s my girl!)

4. “Mom, I really really NEED to meet the Movers. I just want to hug Scott, that’s all.”  
(She did get her wish this past March. She was uncharacteristically shy when it came to “her guy”, but she got her hug. Two to be exact and she’s counting the days to when she can get another one.)
5. “I feel like I need to just ROCK OUT right now!” (You know, some days I just feel like that too.)

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