Before my daughter came along, I was, and still am, a momma to 2 cats. Alice, who is 9 now and Buddy who is 8.


I love these furry little things as if they were my own children. When Em came along, Buddy, who was the “baby”, was really sad and it took him about 3 1/2 years to get use to my daughter. He’s still not too sure of this active child, but he does sleep above her head at night. I guess if she’s not running around all crazy, then she’s okay. I have realized, however, that cats and kids share some of the same qualities, at least from a mom’s perspective.

1. They are constantly hungry

Both my kid and my cats act like I starve them. They are both constantly “yelling” at me to give them more food. And after they eat, they want MORE!

2. They wake you up in the middle of the night.

My daughter isn’t like this now, but babies wake up during the middle of the night, a lot. Buddy wakes me up starting at 2:30am EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Sometimes he just wants me to himself, like I said before he was the baby for a long time. Sometimes he’s eaten all of his food and wants more. Sometimes he wants you to turn the faucet on in the bathroom so he can drink “fresh” water. He’s a little bit of a princess.

3. No matter how many toys you buy them, they always end up playing with a box.

Ever buy your kid that expensive toy, you know, the one they have ALWAYS wanted! You bring it home, they are happy and play with it for a few hours, then you find them later using the box as a rocket ship or race car or a make-shift doll house and the “I need it now” toy is left off to the side where it will collect dust. Cats are the same way. You buy them knew little mice to play with or one of those feather things and you find them later playing in a paper bag or box. You try to get them to play with the new toy you just bought them and they look at you like you are crazy and go back to the box or bag.

4. Somehow they sense they are getting shots when they go to the doctor.

I try not to tell my kid she is getting shots when we head to the doctor’s for her check-up. Not every visit warrants a shot, but somehow she knows when she is getting one. It’s almost like an odd sixth sense. My cats are no different. I usually have to start rounding them up a half hour before I would normally head out because they are hiding under the bed.

5. If you are reading or on the computer, they will interrupt you every time.

Usually, during the day, if I’m trying to write a post or work on some writing projects I have, Em will be next to me after 5 minutes of starting saying, “Mom! Mom! Mom! I’m hungry! Are you done yet? This is taking too long! You need to come play with me! Mom! Mom! Mom!” The cats, on the other hand, if I’m reading a book, magazine or on the computer for too long they will walk on the computer or reading material, shove their butt in your face (which is I guess the universal cat saying for “Pay attention to me.”) or meow continually until I can’t take it anymore. Either way, both kid and cat usually wins.

6. When you have a moment to yourself, they want to cuddle.

This is actually my favorite. If Em sees me sitting by myself on the couch, she instantly sits next to me and wants to cuddle. I live this up because some day that cuddle time will disappear. My cats see me sitting by myself, check to see where the kid is, then jumps on the couch to get some pets and cuddles in before Em pushes them off the couch. It’s nice to feel loved. 🙂


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