Friday the 13th is usually a pretty good day for me. It’s Saturday the 14th that usually sucks eggs. This year, however, it got me. Dang you Friday the 13th and all you bad juju that goes along with it. I am a little superstitious, so that is why I blame today on the 13th. Here is what happened to me today.


1.  While working in my front yard today and using a hedge trimmer to trim, (which giving me a piece of equipment like that in the first place is just a really bad idea) I didn’t notice the extension cord in the way and sliced the sucker in half. So much for anymore trimming.

2. While working on my dad’s clock that my daughter crafted him for Father’s Day, I didn’t realize that the numbers I bought for the clock would not fit around the parts of the clock. When setting the numbers, that had strong adhesive on the back, back on to the paper from which it came from, I didn’t notice that I placed the numbers on the wrong side of the paper. Now I am unable to peel the numbers back off.

3. While playing with my daughter on the swing-set in our backyard, I decided to be silly and pull her by her legs to swing her. She thought this was hilarious and she kept doing her sweet and contagious giggles. Well, I went to pull her back for a fifth time, somehow lost by balance when I let her go and went flying backwards, landing on my back and spraining my wrist when I was trying to break my fall.

4. While trying to “fix” my dad’s clock by having to write my own numbers now, I decided to use glue to trace the numbers and then sprinkle glitter on the glue. Without thinking, about a half hour later, I went to put the battery in. I grabbed the clock, along with the not dry and full of glitter glue. So there I was, 10pm, redoing what I had screwed up and now looking like I had come back from a “fancy” strip club with all of the glitter on my chest and arms. That crap gets EVERYWHERE!!!

So, I shake my fist at you Friday the 13th. All of this couldn’t have happened because I am a complete klutz. Oh no, not at all. 


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