I may be over sentimental about certain things, and this is one of them. My mom, the ORIGINAL owner of her 1971 Buick Skylark, the one she bought brand spankin’ new in 1971, was sold tonight. I have to be honest, I did cry a little. That car was a HUGE part of my life.


It caught on fire in 1980 when I was about 6 months old. Luckily I wasn’t in the car yet, but almost. We took so many vacations and random family weekend outings in this car. It had the leather, bench seats (the ones you fried your butt on if the car was out in the sun all day) with the lap belts in the back and only the shoulder strap seat belts in the front.


My mom took care of this car as if it were her own child. She was constantly washing it and always kept up on the waxing. She was proud of it and everyone in the valley knew the car. My mom would get so many compliments on this car and each one made her gleam with pride. 

I’m not completely positive as to why she decided to put it up for sale. She did buy a small Toyota Scion a few years back, which completely floored me. 


This woman didn’t like small cars or cars that were white in color. So when she showed up at my house with a vehicle that encompassed both, I didn’t know what to say. Who was this woman? What did she do with my mom? She is happy with her little car and she Disney’d it all out with Mickey Mouse seat and wheel covers, Mickey Mouse dice hanging from the rear-view mirror and Disney decals in the window. I personally can’t stand this car. If someone sneezes on the freeway you sway all over the place. One time I was driving it and a big gust of wind hit the car, I saw my life flash before my eyes, then I immediately began cussing at the car. Maybe it’s because I drive a Saturn Vue, but I like being a little taller than most cars and a little more sturdy when it comes to gusts of wind. (I am also only 5’3″ so my short person complex comes into play and having a bigger car makes me feel bigger.)

Whatever her decision, I know that she is sad. She even told me that she was having my dad take the papers out to the kid (I can say kid because he was in his 20’s) because she couldn’t watch it drive off. I hear ya mom! I don’t think I would be able to see it drive off either.

So to the person that bought this gorgeous and reliable car. Take good care of it! It holds some great memories and if you treat it nicely, it will hold some wonderful ones for you. It was well loved and cared for and it deserves nothing less than the same love from it’s new owner.