This week my dad and I embarked on a BIG father/daughter project. We are building my 4 year old a playhouse!

Playhouse construction

Look at the craftsmanship on that! This coming from a girl who has never really used a power tool correctly. I’m learning a lot from my dad and it’s actually quite a bit of fun. So if anyone wants to go buy me that well deserved tool belt now, I’d be honored!

While talking to my daughter, I asked her what she MUST have in her playhouse. This kid has some really big dreams and here are her top 5!

1. A Nice Couch


This isn’t an unreasonable request. You need to sit down somewhere, right? Let’s just hope we can fit one in the door opening when it gets to that point.

2. A Skylight

My own house doesn’t even have a skylight, but this kid insists on getting one. Two words: Not Happening! She’ll be lucky with my first time construction if the house stands for more than a week. Asking for a skylight is just asking for complications.

3. A Toilet


Come on, really child, a toilet in your playhouse? Although I can understand her reasoning behind it (we have a bathroom in our house), I’m not running plumbing to a playhouse. I don’t even know how I would accomplish this!

4. A Fireplace


Well well, little miss fancy pants. Why don’t we just line the walls with gold? I told her that I have never seen a playhouse with a fireplace. Her response, “I can be the first.” Keep on dreaming kid!

5. Cable TV


My husband and I both laughed when she told us this. Sure, I’ll just call up DirecTV and get another box, run electricity out there for ya and you’ll be all set! I guess I should ask if she wants to upgrade our service to include all the movie channels.


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