I can’t believe it is already mid-July! Where the heck has this year gone? Seriously! My kid will be starting Transitional Kindergarten in about a month already! Now I’m sad…and going to go cry in my closet. While I have my own pity party…I thought that this time on Ketchup With Us (Remember, you can link up too on the 1st and 15th of every month with Mel and Michele. Just click on their names and link up your post!) I would link up an old post. A lot of times, reading everyone’s blogs, we don’t really know who these people are. We just know what they write. So a little while back I wrote a post explaining a little bit of who I am. The girl behind the blog. 


Things aren’t always black and white. There is a lot of gray matter in between; how do you think we get from black TO white. People are good at judging others without really getting any facts and just taking things at face value. Remember that old saying, “you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover”? Well, it’s the truth. We aren’t one dimensional and everyone has stories that make them who they are. I’ve been miss judged, a lot actually. So, I would like to share 5 things about me that you may not know. 

1. I’m actually quite quiet and shy


You may not be able to tell this in my writing, but when I am face to face with people I’m pretty quiet. I clam up easily. A lot of people I have dealt with in the past take this quietness as a sure sign of bitchiness. Just because someone is quiet doesn’t constitute them as being a b***h. I try to be kind to everyone. I think a lot of my shyness comes from an incident that happened to me in 1st grade. From that point on I stopped raising my hand to answer questions in school and really just became an observer. Yes, I have grown up since then and I am a little more outgoing now than the child I once was, but some things just stick with you. With writing I can express myself easily. It’s natural to me. I like to consider my writing as the more outgoing, extroverted me. 🙂 

2. I have a pretty weird sense of humor.


The one thing my dad and I can bond over is our love for Monty Python and Mel Brooks. We both just get it. My mom and brother on the other hand, not so much. Sometimes, I think, I try to write witty responses on Twitter or other social media sites, but they don’t resonate that way to some individuals. Being “funny” is different to everyone, I’m just that off kind of funny.

3. I believe in Karma.


Karma is the belief that if you do good, good will come to you. I’ve personally seen this effect and I try to follow this philosophy. If someone is mean or does something horrible to you, you don’t have to stoop to their level to get them back. At some point in time, it all comes back around.

4. I am pretty sensitive when it comes to animals.


Damn you Sarah McLachlan and your commercials! Those poor doggies and kitties with their sad little eyes. Seriously, if I had the money I would save every single one of those animals. I can’t even go into an animal shelter without feeling guilty, then sad, then crying in the car because I just want to take them all home so they actually have a home and don’t have to live in a cage. I have already warned my husband that if we ever get another cat or a dog it is up to him and my daughter to go to the shelter and pick it out. My own animals are family to me. So technically, I have 3 children…4 if you want to count my husband. 🙂

5.  I’m a big dreamer.


This must be the Pisces in me. I day dream a lot and often my ambitions are much larger than I am. For instance, once upon a time, I wanted to be a movie director. That dream has since disappeared after getting married and starting a family, but way back in my mind, that person still lives. I did write and direct a very independent film. I auditioned some very talented actors, who were kind enough to work for free. Spent a lot of my own money renting out places and equipment. Edited almost the entire thing myself, and then…well…life took over. By the time I got back into the swing of it, being the perfectionist that I am, it no longer held the magic that it once did. I over criticized the shots and it just didn’t feel right to me anymore. Then my Mac decided it no longer wanted to work with me and ate all my footage that was saved on it. I was no longer an Apple person after this. Currently, I am working on other projects that evoke my dreaming and creativity. Nothing makes me more content than writing and being creative. 

So there you have it, me in a nutshell (or blog-shell). We are all complex, made up of many different parts. If you only judge a book by it’s cover, you’ll never discover all the wonderful mysteries and beauty that lie on the pages inside.