Now a days, our kids have lots of fun and interactive ways to learn. If they are anything like my 4 year old, she is constantly wanting to play on our phones, her LeapPad or one of our Android tablets. Recently, we discovered a new app by Kid’s Academy that teaches your child how to write numbers and letters through tracing, rhyming words, songs, puzzles and more, all while making it interactive and fun.


Kid’s Academy is has free downloads for you and your child to test out and play together. This is limited, however. For letters you are only able to trace up to the letter C and numbers up to the number 3. To take complete advantage of this app, you will need to get the in-app purchase to have full access to letters, numbers, stories, phonics songs and much much more.

It’s hard to keep a 4 year old’s attention and this app by Kid’s Academy seemed to hold it pretty well. She had fun tracing her letters and playing the maze puzzle and I was content knowing that she was playing a game that was not only fun for her, but also educational.

You can download the apps here on iTunes and here on Google Play

Happy learning!