Between blogging, freelance and trying to earn a little money to help with finances and chase after an active child…I may have worn myself a little thin lately. I don’t mind at all! I love doing everything I am doing and I feel very fortunate for the opportunities I have been given to be creative and talk with some wonderful people. So, I figured, why not get some guest bloggers to write some posts for me while I give myself time to work on other things.

My good friend Shannon, over at Radio Chick’s Reflections, agreed to do just that! She is a great writer and I hope you all will go visit her personal blog. You can do that by clicking here.


Boldly Going…(Radio Chick’s Reflections)

My husband and I are going to do something we haven’t done for a while.  In fact, we’re probably going to have to dust the cobwebs off.

OF OUR PASSPORTS!  What were you thinking??

We’re actually about to go on a vacation for the first time in a long time.  Okay, that’s not entirely true.  We went on a vacation last summer with our two kids – then six and two – and my parents, to Florida, to spend most of the 10 days away at Walt Disney World.  It was a fun trip.  The first one for both of our kids, anywhere farther than a few hours by car.  And I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  The memories we made were precious.  Zoey, who was two at the time, still talks about seeing Buzz Lightyear and Woody, and asks to go again.  However, it wasn’t truly a vacation for me or my husband.  The parents out there reading this will understand what I mean.  You’re constantly on the go with the kids, keeping a close eye on them while at the theme parks, entertaining them in the pool, and lying with them at bedtime for what seems like hours (just like at home!).  I think my husband and I actually got less sleep than we do normally at home, and that’s BAD (it’s tough to get less than 5 hours a night…).

And so though we did “get away”, we didn’t get a chance to relax, which is what I want to do on a vacation.  It’s what we used to do on a vacation, before we had kids.  So, we made a decision a few months ago to go away, just the 2 of us, and do just that.  It’s kind of our 10th anniversary present to each other and ourselves, as well as a 40th birthday present to me.  It took a bit of convincing to have my parents watch both kids overnight for a week – Zoey’s only been overnight to their house once, a few months ago, for one night – but they agreed to it.  For that we are so thankful.

These were my wishes (it is, after all, my 40th birthday, so why shouldn’t it be my wishes we fulfill?!):  go to a place that’s a short plane ride away, that is clean, where there is a beautiful beach, and that is warm.  Honestly, I just wanted to book a spot where I could lie on a beach all day and have drinks brought to me.  Not too much to ask, right?  And as much as I am looking forward to doing NOTHING and having some “me” and “me and hubby” time, I’m starting to feel a little anxious about leaving my children.  As I mentioned, we’ve not been away from Zoey for more than one night, and we’ve not been away from Zander for more than a few days (when he’s gone to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a weekend).  I’ll worry about them.  I know they’re in good hands with my parents, but I’ll still worry about them.  It’s my job.  I can’t NOT do it.

And the way Zoey’s been the last few days has added to my anxiety.  I’ve been busy with work and work obligations, and Zoey’s response has been, “Don’t go Mommy.  Stay five more minutes.  Stay with us.  Don’t go to work.  Okay?”  That’s just because I’ve been out and about for most of the last two days.  I can’t even imagine what she’ll be thinking and feeling after three days…and then four days…and then five days…

But I really feel like my husband and I need this.  We’re sleep deprived, and, as a result, cranky (I’d even add ABNORMALLY before that “cranky”), and that means we’re not performing our best as parents.  I know I am not, for certain.  So, I guess, the kids need this too.  I really hope this vacation allows us to recharge our batteries and come back more patient, better parents for Zander and Zoey.  They deserve that.