It’s just about that time again around here. Kids are winding down their summer vacations and gearing up to start that good ol’ book learning again. This year, my daughter will be entering Transitional Kindergarten! Deep breaths, you can do this, she’ll be 5 in October and she will be entering the public school system. Dear holy book worm, seriously?!? When did she grow-up? Feels like I just had her yesterday; this pissed off, screaming baby that didn’t want to come out of the nice hotel room I provided for her for 9 months. Now she is no longer a toddler, but a kid, beginning her true first year of school. Please allow me a minute to gather my thoughts, and possibly prepare my closet for an upcoming extended stay during that first week. 

I know that she has to go. She needs to learn and she needs that social bonding with all those other kids and with adults other than family. There is, however, 5 things I am dreading about the start of a new school year…

1. The mass amounts of germs

Okay, yes, I am a bit of a germ-a-phobe (although my husband would call that an understatement). Can you blame me though considering I get EVER SINGLE COLD, FLU, EVIL SPAWN MUTATION that enters my child’s body or even is just brought home on her clothes. Seriously, not even close to exaggerating, my daughter and I were sick EVERY OTHER WEEK while she was in preschool. This lasted until April! Currently, I have been suffering from some kind of cold that is now on week 3. Double ear infection, worst throat pain I’ve ever had; I’m pretty much done. With Em starting school in 3 weeks I just cringe because I know this is all going to start up again. I wonder if you can buy hazmat suits on e-bay?

2. Copy-cat Attitude 

Em already has her own 4 1/2 going on 14 attitude. She is a VERY strong willed little girl. She takes crap from NO ONE, which in some ways is good. I don’t have to worry too much about her getting bullied on the playground. However, she does tend to bring home other forms of this attitude that correlate to some of her classmates. So not a fun time. One attitude is plenty, but dealing with 2 or 3 other spin-offs can peck at a mother’s sanity.

3. Being a late bird

The one thing I liked about her preschool last year was that it was morning classes. When I received the school letter in the mail a few weeks ago, I was informed that she was going to be in an afternoon class. So, this means since she is going to a public elementary school, I will be fighting traffic and parking when I drop her off because of all the parents picking up their early bird kiddos AND dealing with even more traffic when I pick her up because ALL the kids will be getting out at that time. Especially where her school is, there is no parking. This is going to be so much fun.

4. School is now 5 days a week, instead of 2

I got use to her being gone 2 half days a week, but now with her entering the public school system, she will be in school 5. This is that whole growing up thing again that I seem to be not very fond of.

5. I am going to miss her like crazy

Yes, it is only 3 1/2 hours we will be apart, I’m still going to miss her. She’s glued to my side every day and now half that day she will be somewhere else. Yeah, we drive each other nuts, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s my baby and always will be.