If you don’t know, I’ve been fortunate enough to become a contributor to an awesome Mommy site called Typical Mommies. It is chalk full of great resources from fashion to health and beauty to budgeting. It is also a great site for 1st time moms (and dads). 

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Scott Durbin of the Imagination Movers (Mover Scott). I feel very excited and blessed that I was able to do this interview and have the opportunity to share their story with others and hopefully pass the word along about their PledgeMusic Campaign. 

If you have a moment, please click on the link, read the article and share this with others. Not for my article, but for these fabulous 4 men and their upcoming 9th studio album. Also, a portion of the proceeds goes to the National Down Syndrome Society of which they are spokesmen. 

Link Below and enjoy!

Imagination Movers: True Power of Imagination, Faith and Fun