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It’s so sad, and we knew this day was coming, that this is the last Ketchup With Us blog hop. I have to say, this hop was the VERY FIRST blog hop I ever participated in after setting up my blog over a year ago. These ladies, Mel and Michele, are putting that ketchup bottle on one last time. So if you want to get in on this momentous, yet sad event, then get’er done people! Let’s give them the send off they deserve! Hopefully, down the line they will pop up again with this fun and creative blog hop, but for now, let’s do them right and remember the funny and moving posts they have shared with us over the past few years. Below are some of my favs.

Mags First Tooth

Mel often writes about her adorable kiddos, hence the blog name with her littlest in the title. Mags is so stinkin’ adorable and in this Ketchup post with her little squeal over losing her first tooth, too precious.

Show your terrifying face

This was just a fun post and who doesn’t like a murderous ketchup bottle along with a terrified one.

B*$@% Resting Face

These women know how to work this face, even though their personalities are so opposite from it.

In Her Shoes

Ok, who wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of this adorable munchkin?

The time a rat licked Michele’s face

Yes, a rat did lick her face and she has the photo to prove it!

ODNT talks about Dean’s 1st day

I often like the posts when Michele talks about her growing kids. Much like her, during milestones I would much rather shove myself in a closet with cheese, chocolate and possibly wine (or beer) and cry it out in private, waiting for my child to just stop growing up and stay little.

Going head to head with time

Passing time stinks, especially when it comes to your children and them growing. This also reminds me of that very same Superbowl Michele took out the power at the stadium in New Orleans while playing the Twitter Superbowl party. Not literally… I think.

My favorite one that I’ve done: Our Terrified Faces

Anytime that I get to wrangle up my child and have her willing do a post with me is fun times. This kid is such a ham too. “Will you make me look like a vampire? I can pretend I’m going to bite you!” At least she didn’t really bite me, which is something I wouldn’t put passed her to do.

So, our dear Ketchup ladies, hopefully this isn’t goodbye, just and little bit of an extended break. It was fun. Thanks for inspiring creativity in my writing. (And I hope you don’t mind I borrowed and shared your pics.)