Recently, I was contacted by an children’s book author, Louie Lawent, on my Facebook page for this blog asking if I would like to do a book review for him. Being an aspiring author myself, currently working on self publishing my own, I jumped at the chance. Writers need welcomed feedback and reviews. You have to get your own circle going, sometimes, in order to succeed.


The book lovingly titled, “Mama Don’t You Worry” is about a 6 year old boy who, like all 5-6 year olds, wants their own little independence. The little boy talks about how holding his mom’s hand “cramps his style” and just wants to be treated like a big boy. That is, until he loses his mother in the mall. While the mom is trying on shoes, the little boy wonders off to the toy store. After playing, the little boy loses his way and is unable to find his way back to the store his mom was at. He quickly remembers what his mother taught him if he should ever get lost and is quickly reunited with his mother. After this unexpected, scary incident, the boy realizes that maybe it’s okay for his mom to hold his hand, “after all…I’m only 6 years old!” 

The story is well written in a sweet little rhyme and is a great story to read to kids. As a mom of a 5 year old who I consider a flight risk (she’s taken off a few times in stores and then there was that trip to Disneyland we had to prepare for), this is a great story to read to her. It lets her know that someday she will grow up, but for now she needs to listen and stay with me. It also teaches kids to remember what to do if they ever do get lost.

If you have a child that tends to wander off on their own, I highly recommend this story. The story is currently an E-book on Amazon and you can purchase it for only $1.29. Click on the link, Mama Don’t You Worry, to go straight to the Amazon page.