January has been a tough month for the Hollywood/music industry.


I was greatly saddened by Mr. Bowie’s death. He was a pretty big part of my childhood and helped guide my influence on music. Besides his amazing contributions to music, I think I will always remember being a nine or ten year old girl watching him as the Goblin King in one of my favorite movies, The Labyrinth. 

He always kept his private life just that…private, which I hugely respect. That’s a really tough thing to do if you are in the public eye. 

He gave us such unique personas making us wonder if he was really apart of this world. 

His message, however, was much greater. Be yourself, whoever that is. Find it and embrace it.

Many say that his last album, Blackstar, was a parting gift to us all.

Perhaps. Whether it was meant to be a goodbye or not, he will surely be missed by many. 



This man was truly one of my favorite actors. With his deep, bassy voice, he was easily recognized in any voice role he did. It was hard to mistake it. Now, I have never read or seen ANY Harry Potter books/movies (don’t judge me), so I won’t remember him as Professor Snape as many of you will.


He always played a magnificent villain, or as he put it, “I don’t play villains. I play interesting people.” He played some interesting people indeed. I think one (although there are many) of my favorite roles he played was the voice of God in Kevin Smith’s Dogma. No one could have played that role better than Alan Rickman.

So, I just wanted to take the time to share some of my favorite roles of his. I guess you can call it a mini tribute. The world has lost a great talent.

Col. Brandon: Sense and Sensibility

Absalom: Alice in Wonderland


Sheriff or Nottingham: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves


The Voice of God/Metatron: Dogma